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Let us help you plug the holes in your retention bucket

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We use creative practices to help businesses like yours plug the holes in your retention bucket through coaching, workshops, and retreats

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Your problems

People are returning to work after the great resignation, but there’s a hole in your bucket. You’re struggling to attract the right talent, you have a high turnover costing you more than it should, and your teams aren’t performing as they used to. Where do you start?

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How does the talent you seek know you’re right for them, and how do you create belonging during the onboarding process?

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What support do you offer the individuals and teams that excel? How might they go from dependent to interdependent?

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How do you improve individual, parallel, and team performance to enhance your company’s performance.

Our Solutions

Best results don’t happen overnight which is why our solutions come in 3, 6, and 12 month packages we build with you. Our services find the questions you have yet to ask (or face), and answer them using coaching and the arts.

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Let us work 1:1 with the talent and leaders you want to develop, and in groups with the teams you want to shine over 3/6/12 months.

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We will come in and do a 1-3 hour workshop for you on problem solving, ideation, strategy and DEIB, using our collaborative exercises.

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Want a company-wide culture building experience? Let’s do that over 1-3 days together, full of activities, workshops and games

12 Month Package Example

Consultation identifying the holes in your bucket and the best strategy to plug them

Kickoff Meeting

1 full day each week, of 1:1 and team coaching

Weekly coaching

Company-wide coaching workshops and games

1-3 day Retreat

Check progress against KPIs from kick off

Monthly Reviews

Progress, impact and performance against KPIs

Annual Report


1-3 hour creative workshops

Quarterly Workshop

Extra 12 months of monthly check-ins

Post- Monitoring

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Not all solutions are created equal

We offer bespoke packages that cater to your business’ specific goals, and ensure that all your requirements are met. Our process includes a consultation, KPI identification, strategy development, timely delivery, and progress evaluation at key points.

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1:1 Solutions

What if you need individual support, you ask? Maybe you’re striving for a promotion or career change? Want to start a business? Coming off maternity leave? Changing teams? Preparing for a new role? Been stuck in a rut for too long, or struggling with confidence? We can help you, too.

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the empowerment

Bring one challenge that’s been holding you back, to a 1x60m session where we’ll find your block and develop steps to empower you to beat them.

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the breakthrough

Over 12 weeks, we’ll identify your challenges, create strategies to break through them, break them down into goals and milestones, and take action to see results.

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the transformation

Work with me for 12 months. We’ll focus on your internal and external challenges to become the person you want to be, to live the life you want to live.

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